An Old Fart’s Guide to Planet Earth

Feb 5, 2024

“Youth is wasted on the young”.
–  George Bernard Shaw 

Some say there’s a benefit to growing older.  You see a lot.  You hear a lot.  And, you filter a lot more. If you’re lucky, the superfluous stuff floats up to the top and you’re left with the cream of wisdom. Or, just a clogged drain.

In any case, there’s a lot to be said about looking back at your many years to consider what were the best ideas you ignored.

We’re overwhelmed by information.  News, books, music, conspiracy theories, recipes, dog stories, bathroom gardening … you name it.  And, as much as time allows, we absorb what we can.  But, how do you know if you’re using your precious time wisely?  Or, do you know if the early information that you learned as a kid wasn’t just perfect?

For example:  there was a time when we read using only one candle by the bed.  The lighting was lousy.  The smoke was unpleasant.  And, when the candle burned out you needed to close your book.  Hopefully, you had just enough time to read enough food for thought.  And, as you were about to close your eyes you couldn’t help but try to digest your reading.

Today, we read morning, noon and night and we slather some TV watching over it all. But, is there  really much to digest with such a smorgasbord of information?

Another example:  We drive .. fast and mindlessly.  To and from work, shopping, movies, take out restaurants… to the locksmith and Fed Ex.  We seem to need to pack it all in as fast as possible.  Fast is good … sometimes .. we like fast internet service and a fast pregnancy (not that I would know anything personally about that).  But, maybe fast isn’t so good.  Maybe a return to the horse and buggy would do us justice.  Maybe we should slow down to just one horse power.  Maybe getting to the destination quickly isn’t the best objective?.  Maybe the process of getting there is more satisfying? Did you ever change a flat on a horse and buggy?  Did you ever listen to an Amish Rock and Roll Station while cruising at one mile and hour?  There’s no doubt in my mind you’d surely learn all of the words.

Slowing down also means you will have time to learn lessons from the birds and the bees.  Just sit and watch them doing their business.  They go this way and that way and this way and then that way and on and on for a long time.  They must have a plan.  Or, they just spend their days doing their mating dance for hours on end.  As the Jackson Five sang, “It’s as simple as one, two three.  You and me.  One, two, three,  You and me.”Just think, you won’t need to go to Sex Ed or Childbirth Classes anymore.

Enough of my silliness.  Let’s get moving.  Zumbaaaaaaaa.