Just Yesterday

Nov 8, 2023

Just yesterday life was sweet.  Everything seemed to work the way you expected it to be.  You woke up and brushed your teeth.  The toothpaste tasted just as expected.  You turned on the shower faucet and … eventually .. hopefully .. you got hot water.  You prepared your coffee, pressed a few  buttons and it started to brew.  The toaster toasted, the refrigerator chilled, the frying pan got hot, the butter melted, the egg shells cracked, the eggs cooked… it all worked … as expected.

And, you trusted that it all would work.  You rusted that you wouldn’t get sick or be poisoned by each and every thing you  put into your mouth each and everyday.

You trusted that your car would work .. safely. And, that everyone around you understood the rules of the road.  That red means stop and green means go.  And, when you parked your car at the supermarket it would be exactly where you left it in the parking lot.

And, you trusted that the air that you breathe would be clean and clear of any dangers.  And, then it happened.  Just like that (snaps fingers).

Put on a mask. Rub this stuff on your hands.  Put on gloves.  Stay at least six feet apart.  Don’t go swimming in the pool.  Don’t sit on the part bench.  Don’t trust anyone!  Because, if  you do, they could kill you.

In just an instance, yesterday changed everything.

You can’t go to work. You can’t go out to play. You can’t go to the park.  You can’t fly on an airplane.  You can’t drive into another city without being quarantined for fourteen days.  You can’t visit your loved ones.  And, even if you could, you can’t kiss or hug them.

And, this instant change just didn’t happen to you or your son or his boss or, you old friend.  It happened to everyone all over your city, state, country … from New York to California.  It happened in Italy and China.  The whole world changed just like that (snaps fingers).

Trust went flying out the window … just yesterday.

Will we ever be able to thrush anyone ever again?  Or, is this the new normal for the world?

“Yesterday, all my sorrows seemed so far away.  Oh, I believe in yesterday….”