Oct 26, 2023

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the 14th press conference of the Biden Administration. And, it is the first one presented in honor of Professor Irwin Corey, the “foremost authority” ….. by way of intellectual doublespeak. He was a jumbled mix of Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. And, he was best known for his goofball streams of academic nonsense.

The following gibberish was lifted from several recently past and pluperfect press conferences.

But, let’s not capitulate to the capitol corpuscles or the nebula that reflect our political persuasions. I’m here to talk about the events of the day …. And, oh what a day it was and could have been .. all my troubles are so far away.

However….. We are ready to re-engage. We are going to look what it looked like in the past. After all, it has been promulgated to return to meaningful compliance. There’s an important conversation to be had .. so, Art .. are we ready to open it up? Well, let me take the second question first, if that makes sense?

Now …. What was I saying? Hmmmm … However, there is a parliamentary process to recalibrate the relationship. The resilience of our critical infrastructure which you’ll soon see in the Zoom meetings with states, tribes, territories and key partners including the importance of all industrialized countries maintaining economic support for the recovery and collective measures to build back better.

Looking ahead … no final decision has been made and we’re certainly not at the point where we are finalizing or or previewing any final proposals. So, that’s it. That is actually not something that is physically feasible at this time. If you think about the recovery plan; whether it will be folded in; and, if you have any estimates of that specific component of infrastructure would entail … we have our foot on the gas… and, we are remaining engaged.

However … you must remember that a bill proposed does not typically look like final bill signed. That’s not a position or an approach that’s being done through a moral prism; so, there’s no question many of them as we know statistically are certainly women. And, we’ve come to understand that the sausage that comes out of the machine on the other side will look different than the sausage that’s introduced today.

I think this is an issue that all Americans care deeply about.