Perfect World

Nov 8, 2023

I want to live in a world where you always win your Solitaire
Game, where milk never goes bad, where you never have to
Double knot your shoelaces, where you can always say exactly
What you’re thinking, where your washing machine your washing
Machine always finds your dirty clothes and your dryer always
Folds them, where you can eat anything you want without
Guilt or consequences, where your TV reads your mind and
Opens up the right program at the right moment, where you
Never need new tires for your car, where a robot walks your dog
And picks up the poop, where it’s okay to have red spaghetti
Sauce at every meal, where procrastination is a way of life,
Where you can push a button and eject the guy in front of you in a
Movie theater or airplane, where the toilet seat knows if you
Need it up or down, where every meal is delicious, where everyone
Sniffs everyone else when they first meet, where your shower is
The perfect temperature, where you only need to walk downstairs,
Where sex always feels like the first time, where your parents are
Always available for a nice warm hug, where you can visit the dead
And then come back to the living … if only

I want to live in a world where the coffee is always perfect, where
Ironing is unnecessary, where someone else always cuts the grass,
Where teachers know how to naturally communicate, where the sky
Is always blue and the clouds are always puffy, where you don’t
Need a key to gain access, where pretty flowers are always blooming,
Where your bed is always made up after you wake up, where you
Always have hot water, where you never have to maintain any
Mechanical equipment, where you don’t need to wear glasses for any
Reason, where you never get fat no matter what you eat, where our
Body exercises itself, where plugs of any sort don’t exist, where your
Car converts into an airplane, where your oven/toaster oven/micro-
Wave oven and crockpot oven could all be built into one unit, where
Everyone knows the difference between good art and bad art, where
everyone’s uncle is funny,Where there’s only one type of men’s
underwear and one size fits all. If only …

I want to live where right and wrong are clear, where liars are banned
To the Island of Elba, where hate doesn’t exist, where everyone lives
A free life and I’m the only one who consistently wins at the poker

If only …