The Adventures of Noah Zark

Nov 8, 2023

In 1974 we acquired a Jack Russel puppy. He was a precursor to our first child. So, we really focused our attention on him. To say that he was cute would be seriously limiting his influence on us. Of course, most puppies are cute but, this one was major cute. Handsome, spunky, curious, playful … destructive and full of piss and vinegar. But, his cuteness superseded all of his negative qualities.

We needed a name and, so we called on our friend, Andrea … a girl with a great sense of humor and some wonderful insights into dogs (her big, black furry dog was named, Beast).
Anyway, we tuned to Andrea and told her we liked the name Noah. So, she just added a last name: Zark. And, thus became Noah Zark.

Mr. Zark had his run of our second floor apartment on the north shore of Staten Island. It was a 2-bedroom, 1-bath with a living room, dining room and kitchen. Just enough room for a family of two plus a small dog. Noah didn’t take too much time to get familiar with the new digs. He sniffed here and there and everywhere. I seem to recall he even peed and pooped a few times to mark his territory. But, he was so cute, it was hard to yell at him or display any form of anger.

We lived in a quiet neighborhood, not too far from some industrial plants that manufactured gypsum and other such unpleasant smelling factories along the Kill Van Kull (one of America’s most pouted waterways). It was cheap and close to Richmond College —where I attended filmmaking classes It was cute 2 family house in a quiet neighborhood. about a mile from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

MA had a job as a Registered Nurse and I was a NYC Taxi Cab Driver. So, we really didn’t have a lot of time to walk or play with Noah Yet, he had plenty of time to tear up the furniture and MA’s shoes. The solution seemed to be simple enough. Let him roam the streets during the day and we’ll let him in at night. And, that plan worked well … for a while. Until Noah Zark decided to extend his comfort zone.

Remember we lived about a mile from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. So, you guessed it. Noah found his way to the Ferry and boarded it. I’d imagine he made a few fast friends on the auto deck and then, the Ferry shoved off on its way to Manhattan. Twenty five minutes smelling the New York Harbor breezes can do a dog a world of good. So, he likely sniffed around and took a few deep breaths and soon enough Noah Zark was a dancing and prancing puppy in the Big Apple.

I’m guessing he explored Broadway and the old cobblestone streets of the city’s financial district. At some point he found his way to Broad Street where a nice man bent over to pet him and they made fast friends. Well, one thing let to another and the nice man looked at Noah Zark’s metal tag with our home phone and address. A phone call shortly ensued. “Is this Mr. Silverman?” “Yes” “Do you have a dog named,”Noah Zark?’ “Yes” “Well I have him and I’m on Broad Street”. Well, since I worked near Broad Street on Staten Island I said, “Great, I’m be over over there in 5 minutes to pick him up.” Dead Air. “Uh, Mr. Silverman… I’m on Broad Street alright but, it’s right next to Wall Street.” “You’re kidding me?”
“Fraid not”. Okay, I’lll drive int to city and see you in a bit (actually about 40 minutes later).

Well, there they were. Standing on the corner of Wall Street and Broad. A Wall Street guy with a nice suit and Noah Zark in all his glory. Noah was happy to see us. The suit guy? Not so much. I think he wanted to take Noah Zark home with him. Anyway, I asked the suit guy if I owned him anything for his kindness. He said he bought Noah two hot dogs. I was going to ask him if he added any mustard and sauerkraut but, I figured that might push him over the top. So, we paid for the two dogs and off we went on our 40 minute return ride to the place we called home. Even if it was a little stinky.