Feb 5, 2024

“Hey, honey.  I think we need to go shopping at COSCO.  I need a package of pistachios and some lettuce.”  “Okay that sounds like a good idea.”  Two things.  Two minutes.  Twenty bucks.  What could go wrong?  Every time we decide to go shopping at COSCO we clean out our wallets.  A minimum of 200 dollars.


“Oh, look at that they have a five pack of weirdo vegetable chips. “Wow, look at the great price on that 16 carat ring”  You know I really need a pair of pliers.  Here’s a  97 piece tool set.  I think I see a pair of pliers in that package. Didn’t you need some laundry detergent?  Here’s 62 lb. box for only 168 dollars.

Let’s go over to the food section to pick up that lettuce. Look at those seedless grapes.  20 lbs. For forty four dollars.  And, apples .. a box of 50 for sixty six dollars.

I think I’ll take a taste of their organic orange juice.  Yum.  Let’s buy 12 – 84 ounce containers.

And, take a look at that side of beef.  275 lbs. …  we could probably fit that in our freezer, right.  We can cut it up into 35 lb steaks.

We get onto the check out line.  How is it possible that the guy in front of me has 192 boxes of Juicy Juice and 40 sacks of baking potatoes.  And, his credit card isn’t working.

Okay, let’s get checked out and head to the car.  Wait a minute.  Where’s the lettuce and pistachios?