I Want To

Mar 17, 2024

I Want To ..

I want to wake up in the morning with a smile that is-on my face.

And, I want to laugh .. like the very first time it made my ribs hurt.

I want to touch the clothes that martians wear.

I’ve always wanted to squeeze the Charmin.

I want to touch you where I

I want to touch everything that reads “Do Not Touch”

I want to touch a Cubist Nude at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I want to live inside of a Van Gogh painting.

I want to lick a Jeff Koons sculpture.

I want to touch the Statue of Liberty under her clothing and a nude Mona Lisa… just to compare and contrast.

I want to be a cute little dog who scares the crap out of a big fluffy cat.

I’d like to pee outside of the shower. Just because…

I’d like to be a stalk of asparagus for 3 days. Hey, it’s a fast life.

And, just once, I think I’d like to walk to Hawaii.

Most of all, I want to do silly things everyday.

Preferably on Tuesdays … when no one is looking.

That’s the day I’d like to spend with you know who. I’d like to have a good, long ticklefest with him. And, then when we’re done I’d like to do it again and again. Until it hurts.

And then, I’d like to punch you know who in the nose.

I’d like to have a pillow fight. Want to join me?

I’d like to taste something delicious.. like ice cold Welch’s Grape Juice on a hot summer’s day.

I’d really like to fly like a hummingbird. Because she’s the Queen on the chessboard. She can fly as far as she wants in any direction. Oh, that would be wonderful or totally confusing?

I’d like to dance. The Watusi would be fine but, I’d settle for a really sexy tango .

I’d like to spend the night with Bo Derick, Raquel Welch and Sofia Vegara. Just to compare and contrast.

I’d like to land on Mars and start a new world. Hey, it’s a big universe … somebody’s got to start fucking it up.