Mar 17, 2024

Why does a toilet need a seat? Why does a bureau need a knob? And,
why does a knob need a screw? And, who knows what goes on in that room after the lights go out? A screw… a washer and … oh my…

Why do birds need bees? And, why do bees need seeds?

It seems as if Noah …, remember that Ark guy … was right. “It takes two to tango.”

Why does a chair have a seat? And, a lamp have a switch? A floor have a groove? Why must a wheel be round? And, why must gravity always pull you down?

I’d like to know. I’d like to know. I’d like to know. I’d really like a know …
And, who became the decider? Someone… some thing … somehow…

We had a decider a few years back. But, nobody believed him.

There were a lot decisions to make.

Why does a chair or a table need legs? Where are they going? And, why do my legs need pants?

Why does lotion need motion? Isn’t motion just meant for the ocean? Yet, a pond just sits still.

Why does a washer need a dryer? Why does an iron need a board?

Why does a teacher need a student? And, why does a student need homework? Now, we’re getting to the heart of it.

It’s all about why. Not where. Not when. Not how. But, why? Why can’t you stop asking these stupid questions?