Meatball Wat

Mar 17, 2024

If you’re driving down Military Trail going south from Boynton Beach, it’s easy to miss. The first turn in is just past the post office. If you miss that
The next one is just before you turn in for The Girls. No… that’s not a
Porn shop but, it sure sounds like one.

The goal is to find The Boys. It’s an odd ball independent grocer. And, it’s been
At that location for over 50 years. Considering the extreme competition
For groceries in the area, it’s quite a unique experience.

Of course, first you need to park your car. There are plenty of twists and
Turns with some parking right in front of the store. Then again, it’s a challenge
To maneuver between the customers going in and out and the drivers fighting
For a spot. If you miss this opportunity you’ll need to weave in and out
Of the various lots around there store and maybe even wiggle in between
The trucks supplying fresh goods.

Once in you’re hit with a wall of food choices. Straight ahead are a wall of
Fresh apples. To the right you enter into their sour pickles and smoked fish.
The bakery is next with an array of homemade birthday cakes, danish, muffins
And fresh bread. Behind are the homemade spreads; lox and chives cream
Cheese, salmon and cream cheese, etc. A few steps further is their cheese
Shop. The will gladly cut you a piece of cheese from one of their big wheels
Of cheese. Cheddar, mancheco, stilton, French infused wine cheese and
Many more wondrous choices.

Onto to their roasted coffees, fresh cut fruits and fresh squeezed juices.
The meat counter is to the right and straight ahead is the hot bar of
home made foods.

As we pulled into the parking lot my wife asked me if I wanted anything
Special. I said, a few of their homemade meatballs with they homemade
Red sauce would be wonderful. With that in mind, she began her treck.
By the time she made it to the homemade food counter there was a woman
Who seemed to be buying up the store. “I’ll have a pound of the chicken
Cachatore, a pound of the sausages and peppers, two pounds of the
Pasta with bolognese sauce and so on.. By this time another worker popped
Up behind the counter and asked my wife what she would like. She replied,
“Two meatballs with red sauce,”

Meanwhile, the big order lady had also requested two meatballs ignoring my
Wife’s order. Now, you need to know that there were only two meatballs left
In the bin. My wife jumped in and said, I ordered them first. The big order
Lady said they were for her son who was in the car. My Wife said, yeah,
Well those meatballs are for my husband who is also in the car with a folk
And knife and napkin in hand. Just when both women were about to grab one of the meatballs and mush it into the other one’s face, Another woman behind the counter
Chimed in, “relax, we have more meatball.” This infusion might have
Held off a meat ball war.

No boys stepped in. No girls stepped in. Just another day in the life of
Fighting for truth, justice and the American meat ball.