My Dog

Feb 5, 2024

I have a dog named Piccolina.  It means, Little One in Italian.  Since she’s about 11 inches tall, the name fits her like a glove.  Like all dogs, she likes to sniff.  A post, a poll, a leg .. just a whiff..  If there’s a spot on the ground, it’s something she’s found … like a child who discovers a flavor.  Alas!  Something new.  So what if it’s poo.

Like a sweet mellifluous calling. She “hears” a smell that’s calling.  Maybe it’s just a compunction to follow her assumption …Or, just her DNA that often takes her astray.

Sometimes it’s a pipe. Sometimes it’s a tree. It doesn’t matter much.  To her it’s just a pee.

So, I take her for walks up and down the paths.  Sometimes she leads to the weeds and sometimes just follows the pees..  In any case, we both get some fresh air.  And, if she goes poop or, if she goes pee, I’m happy to say we’ve achieved wee bit of success.  And, that’s the best to expect for some kind of cutie who is footloose and fancy fruity.