Feb 5, 2024

It was a nice sunny day in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was 1967 and II was in the Army stationed at a Nuclear Missile Base.  This was my day off duty.  I had recently bought a Simca … a car that cost me $400.  That was a lot of money in those days when I was only earning $82 a month.  It was a five speed with all gears on the driver’s column.  Really fun to drive.  When the salesman closed the deal he said, “Now, listen to me … don’t tow anything behind this car.”  Year, right?  I was out for a drive with my friends.  One of them needed a tow.  We hooked up his car and off we went.  We climbed a pretty big hill… haltingly chugging up the hill.. We just about reached the peak when we heard an explosion.  The engine must have burst at the seams.  White smoke was billowing out of the hood. We all jumped out pretty quickly and simultaneously burst out laughing.  It was a sight to behold. That was the end of my Simca days.