Round Things

Nov 8, 2023

I like round things. Not squares, not hexagons, not even parallelograms.  I never
Liked geometry or trigonometry … just round things. If it had to do it with a
Straight line, it just wasn’t my thing. Well… unless the line
Led me to a round thing.

I dunno. Maybe it all started when I was denied the opportunity to breast feed. Or, maybe it was on my first date at an indoor movie house? It’s hard to say when a passion about round things goes into action.

I like knobs: Door knobs … copper, brass or wood. it doesn’t matter.  I like tubes … not the ends so much but, the middle where it’s filled with mushy stuff. I even like TV remotes with smooth round ends.

I like peaches with fuzz. Grapes give me an immense amount of pleasure. Every so often I like to squeeze a tangelo.  Or, a nice ripe plum. A Grapefruit could be satisfying … even if it’s kind of bumpy. Actually, I just about like any round thing that lives In my fruit or vegetable drawer. It gives me
a special pleasure that you just can’t get from a hunk of cheese.

I like rubber balls that fit into the Palm of my hand.

I like a nice tush and a shoulder that slopes south and… oh do I like a puppy’s tummy:

Sometimes I think I’d like to Open up a store called, Round Things with signs everywhere that read, Please Touch.

I don’t think I’m alone on this subject. I spent nine months thinking about round things inside my mother’s womb. After all, everything in there is mostly round.

Round things deliver an immense amount Of pleasure. You’re in the world of infinity. They’re truly wonderful. There’s no beginning or end. Round thugs could be Soft and spongy or hard and shiny.

If it’s round and it fits into your hand you could close your eyes and
Follow a sweet dream that never seems to have an end.

I like round things. They spin my socks. They wag my tail. They send me over the moon,