What If You Could Do It All Over?

Nov 8, 2023

What if you could do it all over?

Let’s assume your birthing event was part of your destiny. Your parents
Would still be your parents. Your home would still be your home.
You were loved from the onset. You were fed, housed and
You came from a relatively happy home.

From ages 0-15 it was all pre-planned. Your neighborhood, friends,
Religious training, poker games, Playing war with refrigerator boxes,
your love of cream cheese and Green olive sandwiches, your sense of
fashion (or, lack thereof).
The sneakers your wore, your horny drive for that hot English
Teacher. You know the drill.

But then, the curtain went up. You brain started to work. Your saw
Things that were not familiar but interested you. You had a tiny
Glimpse at what the future might offer. Your friend’s father was a
Scientist. The school librarian turned you onto Herman Hesse.
The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance started to make some sense.
Jean Paul Sartre’s work started to fuck with your mind. Someone
Turned you onto Viva La Muerte.

In other words, you realized that the world was really your oyster. But,
Your parents didn’t have a clue how to guide you down the yellow
Brick road and your school guidance counselor sucked at providing
Any steering mechanism. So, what did you do to choose a your path?
Did a movie influence you? Or, a book? Did you have a friend who
Turned you onto a new taste something other than marijuana?