An Imprecise Guy Living in a Precise World

Nov 8, 2023

As far as I’m concerned there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who are precise. And, those who are not precise. The precise people always need to know exact information; What, where, when, how and how much? Those who are imprecise just need a general idea that they should always bring their glasses, make sure their socks are on the right feet and be sure to pull up their pants.

The precise people can’t function without defined boundaries. They need to know where the fence line is, where the gate is, where the lock is and where the boss is. Further, they need to know what time is dinner, what’s for dinner, where will they be fed and who’d bringing the Maker’s Mark whiskey.

Imprecise people only need a folding chair. Preferably one that easily opens and closes so, if necessary, they can make a quiet escape into the parking lot. Well, you know, that too much information requires an escape plan.

Precise people are excellent listeners. They hear every word and they digest all of them. Facts feed their bingo card. Of course, if an important fact is missing, then their world goes off the skids. For example: “What to you mean that the meeting will start around 7 or 7:30?” “I’m going to buy you a shirt. It will be kind of blue/gray.” “Dinner will include a side dish. I’m sure it will be some kind of vegetable.”

Imprecise people generally go with the flow. They’re more interested in the big picture. A meeting? Whenever is fine. A blue/gray shirt? That’s the perfect color. Dinner? That would be great.

I call imprecise people; generalists. They hear spoken language like you would read Cliff Notes. Instead of reading: “It was a dark and spooky night along the Thames River in the center of London with nary a sole on the street. A sexy woman passed by and glanced at me. I was both scared and curious.” A generalist would hear: “Someone took a walk in London at night. It could have been an exciting moment. But, it was just weird.” The generalist always got the gist of the scene but often, missed out on the salacious details.

Generally speaking, women are more precise than men. For example: Man says to woman: George called. He said Billy was in an accident. Woman Responds: What happened? Man: I dunno. George called. He said Bill was in an accident. Woman to Man: Was he hurt? Man to Woman: I dunno. Georg called. He said Bill was in an accident. Woman to Man: Well, where is Billy? Man to Woman: I dunno. George called. He said Billy was in an accident.

Precise people go to the supermarket with a list. Milk, eggs, bread, cheese…. Imprecise people walk into the supermarket and see just what’s in front of their nose. Four pounds of lightly salted butter. Buy 10 bars get one free. Day old bread. Take two and we’ll give you three. Cream cheese. Buy a 4 pound tub and we’ll throw in a spreader.

Generally speaking, I’m an imprecise kind of guy. And, I married a very precise gal. They do say that opposites attract. It’s probably true and quite amazing. Over the years we’ve figured out how to fill in the blanks for each other. And, sometimes, go blank in front of each other. “What are you talking about?” Oh, nothing.”
How I earned a Graduate Degree from New York University, landed a job at Virginia Commonwealth University and operated my own film production business must have something to do with smoke and mirrors. But, that’s another story for another day of miracles.